The Inn and Inn Zone Closure

The Inn and Inn Zone will stay closed until January 25th. 

The Tiki will remain open.

Due to the recent Covid concerns a Certified Covid Cleaning Company has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the Inn and Inn Zone.  Tony has had his entire staff tested for Covid.  Due to a some of his staff testing positive, he has decided to keep the restaurant closed until the 25th.

As we all know, we tend to get a little lax when wearing our masks.  So, for the safety of his staff and customers, Tony is asking that all patrons abide by the following guidelines:

  • wear a mask while roaming the restaurant
  • wear a mask while sitting in the Inn Zone watching a game
  • wear a mask to go to the restroom
  • wear a mask while dancing
  • wear a mask

We know this is a bit extreme, but for the restaurant to stay open, we need to keep Covid out!

Tony's staff are always required to wear masks.  So, if this is not the case, let Tony know and it will be handled.

This is a team effort and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tony and he will help.